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Steele Safety Consultants are charged at £620 per day, however, we also have a number of special packages we may help you manage safety effectively.

The Site Inspection

Need a safety inspection? Call us. We can visit your premises, take a look round and let you know what we think.
PRICE: £65

The Health Check

If you’d like a more detailed audit/review of your company/ organisation, we can visit you, ask you questions and provide you with a detailed report relating to your level of health and safety compliance.
PRICE: £120

The Risk Assessment – Basic

The law requires risk assessments. If you have none, we’ll show you what to do. We can review existing risk assessments and help you comply with thelaw relating to risk assessment
PRICE: £75

The Risk Assessment – Advanced

Risk Assessments need to be completed by law for all people, all places and all tasks. We can provide advanced risk assessment training; review and recording. You may also use this service for a risk assessment on a special project or a new task to be performed.
PRICE: £320


The Accident/ Incident

If you have had an accident or incident you will need to carry out an investigation. We can provide a Chartered Safety Practitioner to help you to investigate and carry out mandatory reporting.

PRICE: £180


The Safety Manager

If you can’t afford a full time Safety Manager, you can choose a Steele Safety Manager to take care of all your safety management tasks. All Steele Safety Managers are Chartered Safety and Health Practitioners experienced in all areas of cost effective safety management. This option has all the benefits of a fully qualified professional on your team without the financial commitment of an employee.
PRICE: £2.5k for 6 months

The Railway Safety Manager

If you are a company in the Railway Industry you will need a safety manager who is qualified and experienced to a level which satisfies the Link Up Approval Scheme. Steele Safety has a number of safety professionals who hold the appropriate IOSH membership and are suitably experienced in the Railway Industry.
PRICE: £5k for 1 year


Risk Assessment

Risk Assessment is an essential part of safety management. It is required by law for all organisations employing 5 or more persons. This course covers the law, the practice and effective recording in accordance with current HSE guidance. This is a one day course.
PRICE: £75 per person

Manual Handling

1 in 4 employees will have time off work due to back injuries. Can you afford not to train your staff in safe manual handling? This is a half day course.
PRICE: £45 per person


Controlling substances hazardous to health is a practical course for all levels of staff and management. Whether the delegate is the company cleaner, the Managing Director or the person responsible for purchasing, this course will give you what you need to know in just half a day.
PRICE: £35 per person

Safety Training

A general health and safety course which will cover the safety rights and responsibilities of all levels of staff. This is a half day course.
PRICE: £45 per person

Safety for Supervisors & Managers

All Managers and Supervisors have legal responsibilities in health and safety. This course gives clear, detailed guidance on how to comply with the law in a practical, cost effective way. This is a one day course.
PRICE: £120 per person

Safety for Directors

Directors have overall responsibility for the safe operation of their company. With safety law recently being tightened up, this course provides an updated session to help you understand exactly what could result in a prison sentence. A safety lawyer delivers this two hour course in either a class room setting or in your board room.
PRICE: £120 per person

All course bookings are subject to terms and conditions. Course locations vary and we reserve the right to refuse to train. Multiple bookings may be eligible for a discount. Certificates are available for personnel records.