Health and Safety training

Advice & Support
Every manager needs extra support at some time -
whether from an accountant, solicitor or other professional.
We bring you our specialist knowledge and expertise in
health, safety and environmental management systems
to help bring your compliance process up to speed.
We help you to have a clear understanding of applicable
laws, giving you the time to implement necessary

We offer ongoing support and advice at a level to suit your
business and budget. To find out more contact us today.

Consultants often seem to get a bad press, getting
blamed for everything from the cost of the West Coast
Main Line upgrade to the National Health Service budget

However, consultants offer the benefit of augmenting your resources and expertise when you need us, and dispensing with the resources we bring when we're no longer necessary.

Our many years of practical experience in all aspects of audits mean we have the expertise, whatever your audit requirements. From designing audit programmes and establishing protocols through to developing practicable action plans, from a simple physical conditions inspection programme to a full systems audit to test compliance with BS OHSAS 18001:2007 - we can help.

We believe an audit should add value and understanding to your operation without imposing an additional workload or burden.

We work by:

Establishing whether you are applying your systems in the way you intended and have documented. If your systems and procedures are not effective or are not being applied, you are vulnerable to incidents and accidents and the subsequent losses potentially incurred.

Where non-compliances are identified, we will work with you to implement practicable, pragmatic action plans. The aim of these action plans is to resolve the root cause of any non-compliance - to treat the system not the symptoms.

Our audits are comprehensive, competent and independent. While matching the audit to your specific management system being examined, we can also test your systems against OHSAS 18001, whether you are working towards certification or to benchmark against established standards.

In addition to systems audits we also carry reviews of corporate safety governance taking account of the HSC/IoD Guidance: Leading Health and Safety at Work and the recommendations of James Baker's BP U.S. Refineries Independent Safety Review Panel.

Railway Specialists
Railway specialists

We have over 30 years of experience working within the railway industry, at all levels from trackside to boardroom - we understand Railway Health and Safety issues.

Our railway experience coupled with our professional safety competence make us ideally suited for specific audits against Railway Safety Cases, Safety Certificates and Safety Authorisations.

We have been involved in Railway Safety Cases since their inception. We have experience of acceptance processes, authoring of safety cases, review and amendment of safety cases and safety case audit, as well as writing Railway Safety Cases and contractor assurance cases. One of our consultants is appointed as an independent expert to the European Rail Agency in safety methods, certification and authorisation.

Examples of work we have undertaken for the railway include: